Mary Sullivan, former VT State Representative

“I’ve known Tiff for many years and have always been so impressed with her vision, her actions, and her accomplishments. I admire her so much. She hit the ground running when she entered the Legislature four years ago – and hasn’t stopped. I’ve heard from many how respected and hard working she is – and urge you to vote for her.”

“I’ve known Tiff for many years and have always been so impressed with her vision, her actions, and her accomplishments. I admire her so much. She hit the ground running when she entered the Legislature four years ago – and hasn’t stopped. I’ve heard from many how respected and hard working she is – and urge you to vote for her.”

Mary Sullivan, former VT State Representative


I'm honored to have the support of these Chittenden-13 residents and Vermont community leaders.


I'm honored to have the support of these Chittenden-13 residents and Vermont community leaders.

Stephanie Seguino

“It is a pleasure to endorse Tiff Bluemle for re-election. In her time as House Representative, she has continued to contribute to important public policy changes to improve Vermonters’ live. In the most recent session, for example, she skillfully advocated for funding for emergency housing and social services, such overdose prevention centers, improvements to DCF’s database and improvements to the child abuse registry system. She continues to be a strong voice for racial equality, and is commendably responsive to constituents’ needs and concerns.”

Ben Traverse

“Burlington needs strong advocates in Montpelier who are pushing the State to partner with our community as we work to address big issues before us. On matters like housing, affordable childcare, community safety, and finding creative solutions to the overdose crisis, Tiff Bluemle continues to deliver and is the voice that we need in the State House. I am thrilled Tiff is running for reelection and wholeheartedly support her.”

Anne Lezak

“Tiff serves on the all-important House Appropriations Committee, where she is a strong and effective advocate for funding to address key challenges that face Vermont: housing, education, workforce development, criminal justice reform, and gender equity. I also appreciate the priority Tiff gives to staying in touch with constituents. When I’ve emailed Tiff re issues of concern, she’s quickly answered with thoughtful, insightful responses.

She is a wise, hard-working, and forward-thinking legislator, seeking ways to make Vermont a state where we care about our most vulnerable residents, and create paths for all to thrive.”

Karen Paul

“Our district, city and state have been so fortunate to have Tiff representing us in Montpelier. Tiff is a visionary who serves in public office for all the right reasons. I have watched Tiff in the Statehouse and can attest to her persistent, driven and collaborative work ethic, one that has earned her the respect of her colleagues, even those who do not always agree with her. Tiff is the representative we need and I am proud and honored to endorse her.” 

Almy Landauer

“I have contacted Tiff numerous times to ask questions about legislation or express my opinions…In every case, Tiff has responded to me promptly and fully. She has answered my questions, pointed me to resources, and looked into issues I’ve raised. Not only that, but she has remembered my questions and concerns and circled back.This shows remarkable respect for her constituents and reveals her deep level of caring and engagement. She is in Montpelier for the right reason – to represent and serve her constituents.”

Anne Barbano and Michael George

“Sometimes we feel we’ve hit gold. As parents of children with developmental disabilities we called some of our State Representatives and Senators to advocate that the State of Vermont get on board to fully support our adult children that they might age in place with peers.

Guess who took this issue head on, asking us to educate her on this lack of care within Vermont? You guessed it! Representative Tiff Bluemle was so responsive, eager to understand and learn about the plight of our families.

With her leadership grants have been awarded to build three pilot projects to jumpstart the program. So much more to do, believe me. But Tiff is constantly listening and asking questions, working hard for this vulnerable population.

We struck gold, Vermont! Please vote for her in the upcoming Democratic primary and general election.”

Rep. Emilie Krasnow

“I have long admired Tiff Bluemle. She is deeply committed to Burlington and to Vermont. Her experience and knowledge are invaluable in the legislature. I’ve seen her dedication to stand up for folks who need it most in her community and our state. I can’t think of a legislator with more integrity, grit, and dedication to make Vermont a better place for all!” 

Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins

“Neighbors tell us that addressing affordability, housing, mental health and substance use issues are top priorities and that you want to address these challenges – and the ways in which they intersect – compassionately. We couldn’t have a better person representing Burlington on the Appropriations Committee. Countless times, she has combed through spreadsheets to find that a key policy issue was not funded at all in the Governor’s recommended budget. She advocates relentlessly to make sure that, if we are all saying housing/mental health/substance use is a priority, then we need to back it up with financial support in a manner that is sustainable and wise.”

Rep. Theresa Wood

“Tiff Bluemle works tirelessly in the Legislature to champion the necessary services,  supports, and resources for vulnerable Vermonters.  I have seen first-hand her fight for individuals and families impacted by the opioid crisis and homelessness.  She understands the complexity of needs and works both at the community level and at the Statehouse to make government accountable to meet those needs.”

Rep. Barbara Rachelson

“TIff is a big picture thinker, a pragmatist, a connector, and a collaborator. She has an extraordinary talent for communicating and finding common ground. She is a great listener and coalition builder.  She can both hold out hope and work through practical ways to move large projects forward. Her work in the nonprofit sector is invaluable to her work on the Appropriations Committee. She knows budgets and how to make sure we are spending our limited resources wisely and effectively.  As a former teacher, she is great at explaining and keeping her colleagues and constituents informed.”

Rep. Mary-Katherine Stone

“Rep. Bluemle epitomizes the definition of what a compassionate leader is. She leads with empathy, grit, and a true dedication to equity. Her decisions are always well informed by data and also by doing the work to lift up and elevate the voices of her constituents. It’s been an honor to serve with her and I fully endorse her continued service.”

Rep. Robin Scheu

“I am honored to endorse Tiff Bluemle for her unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to the legislature and to Vermonters. Tiff is an extraordinary legislator. She exemplifies integrity, diligence, and a profound commitment to public service. She cares deeply about Vermont and has shown exceptional leadership, particularly in championing housing for all, as well as unwavering support for marginalized people. Her work has ensured that we are funding programs that support the people that most need our help. Tiff works collaboratively with her colleagues as she seeks solutions that will benefit Vermonters. I can’t imagine a better colleague or a better representative for her district.”

Michelle Mraz

“I am grateful to Tiff for her hard work on behalf of our district over the past four years and am excited that she will be running once again. Tiff’s advocacy for the needs of her constituents is shown in her strong, consistent voting record. As a member of the Appropriations Committee Tiff has exercised her responsibility, and leveraged this assignment, to influence funding for programs that improve the lives of all Vermonters.”

Trine Bech

When Tiff first became our state representative, I started bending Tiff’s ear about deep flaws in our  child protection system. Tiff listened and introduced legislation, H.661, to fix what was broken in our child abuse and neglect substantiation process. But that was only the beginning. Building momentum to get legislation passed is a skill and the right relationships. Tiff used it all to get the timing right, connected the right legislators to get involved (the bill was not in the committee where Tiff is) and got the experts involved to testify. Her strategy paid off and the bill passed. It would never have happened without Tiff. Vermont’s children and families are better off because Tiff educated herself on an issue and got people involved who cared. We need Tiff as our representative. 

Neale Lunderville

“Tiff is smart, insightful, and persistent, and I admire her thoughtful, mission-driven approach to making progress. She has a unique way of quietly bypassing political games to find common ground on tricky issues. That’s a real asset on the Appropriations committee, where she must weigh the priorities of policy committees against a host of other needs. She’s been an extraordinary asset at the State House.” 

Emily Skoler & Nora Mitchell

“We enthusiastically endorse Tiff Bluemle because she is extremely bright, extremely practical, with an incredible ability to work well with a wide range of people. She has a strong moral compass and, at the same time, takes a practical approach to getting as much done on an issue as is possible.  She makes herself highly knowledgeable about issues as well as about other stakeholders in order to be an effective legislator. She’s a natural leader who builds strong relationships with others and listens carefully.”

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