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VOTE - Tiff Bluemle for VT State Rep 2020

Voting on or before November 3

Please get in contact with any questions you might have:


Phone: (802) 393-8171

Step 1: Register to Vote

Step 2: Make a Plan to Vote

All active voters will receive an absentee ballot by mail for the general election. They will be sent out starting Sept. 18. To ensure that your ballot is received in time, it should be mailed by October 24th. You may also deposit your completed ballot in the box outside City Hall or hand it in at your voting place on November 3rd.

You may vote in person at Burlington Electric Department (Ward 5) or at Edmunds Middle School (Ward 6) on Nov. 3rd from 7am – 7 pm. 

Waxaad si shaqsi ah uga codeyn kartaa Waaxda Korontada Burlington (Ward 5) ama Dugsiga Dhexe ee Edmunds (Ward 6) Nofeembar 3deeda 7 subaxnimo ilaa 7 fiidnimo. Waraaqaha codbixinta waxaa boosta u diri doona Xoghayaha Arimaha Dibada ee VT dhamaadka bisha Sebtember. Si loo hubiyo in warqaddaada odbixinta lagu helo waqtigeeda, waa in lagu soo diraa ugu dambeyn 24-ka Oktoobar. Sidoo kale waxaad ku ridi kartaa warqaddaada cod-bixinta oo dhammaystiran sanduuqa ka baxsan Dhismaha Magaalada ama waxaad ku wareejin kartaa goobtaada codbixinta bisha Noofambar



Step 3: Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to come out to vote!

“The right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool or instrument in a democratic society. We must use it.” – John Lewis, 1940-2020